China sends 20,000 people every year to Qatar

China sends 20,000 people every year to Qatar

Pandas sent by China arrive in Qatar ahead of World Cup

The Qatari Ministry of Manpower has received 4,000 refugees from China since 2015.

A total of 4,000 refugees have been sent to Qatar from China since 2015, according to documents provided to Daily Sabah.

The number of new arrivals is based on a quota system implemented by China to send in refugees for international programmes, according to documents from the Qatari ministry.

Under this system, China sends 20,000 people every year, 10,000 of whom go to the Philippines and 10,000 to Indonesia.

From 2015 to September this year, 13,000 people have been accepted. The figures were provided to Daily Sabah by the Qatari ministry, while the number of refugees who left China and arrived in Qatar has increased in recent years.

The documents reveal that China has sent more than 20,000 people annually to Qatar to receive “social support, healthcare, housing, and job creation,” according to the documents.

In 2014, the Philippines accepted 1,500 people, followed by Thailand with around 200 people in 2015. The most recent figures show that Indonesia accepted around 150 people.

To prepare for the upcoming World Cup, Qatar last month started accepting asylum seekers from Libya and China. These countries are also the countries that China receives the most refugees from.

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