I Don’t Condone Child Rape

I Don’t Condone Child Rape

TUCKER CARLSON: No healthy society can tolerate pedophilia. We simply cannot have a place for this in our society, nor for this sort of behavior to be accepted. That’s the absolute bottom line. That’s why it is very difficult. Even though it happened between some years ago, it was very shocking to me, when I first saw the story, to find out that there were, by far, more cases. It made you ask the question. But, it was hard to find the right way to say this, in a way that would not be a kind of shock to people.

I just had to make it clear that I did this in one sentence: It is not OK. By no means is it OK. It is not OK. And I hope that my example will give people the courage to say the same thing about this.

I have always been a very strong supporter of women being able to make their own decisions at what they do, without having to be pushed around, bullied, coerced. And I’ve been very clear that one of the things that the media and law enforcement and everyone else have done is to make it extremely difficult, or impossible, for women, or for women to make their own choices, or to say, “Hey, I’m really happy with the way my life is. I don’t need to be treated this way.”

And so, no, I do not condone child rape. I think that that is not right, and I’m just disgusted by it. But if you look at child rape cases that have been investigated, you will find that in most of the cases, when they are caught, the charges are dismissed.

And that’s because, in most of the cases, the child is not even there. In most of the cases when they have been found guilty, the children are just playing with each other. They’re there because someone decided that that was going to happen – that was the outcome of another decision they made. And it’s not acceptable.


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