The Crash Investigation Team Investigates White Noise

The Crash Investigation Team Investigates White Noise

How a director known for drama made ‘White Noise,’ the strangest disaster movie of the year

The most unusual (and strangest) disaster movie of 2018 was director David Michôd’s White Noise, a drama about a car crash that left a man and his family dead and led to a nuclear meltdown.

Michôd, the director of the hit thriller Under the Silver Lake and the drama The Knick, is no stranger to catastrophe — he directed the 2008 film The Ruins, in which a bus carrying schoolchildren collided with a bus carrying students from the same school.

Michôd and the cast and crew of White Noise are still trying to figure out what exactly happened when the car in his latest film smashed onto a highway outside Denver, Colorado.

And to make matters worse, the family who is supposed to be in the car, or one of them, wasn’t.

As an initial investigation into what happened in White Noise began to unfold, the Colorado Crash Investigation Team became part of the investigation, with many of the people they contacted initially being hesitant to offer information.

That has made it difficult to determine exactly what happened, and the investigation doesn’t end there. While the initial accident that killed the family and injured three others was ruled an accident, a police report later stated that a coroner’s investigator found that an additional six people died and three were injured in the crash.

In order to determine whether the cause of the accident was “human error” or the mechanical failure of the vehicle, the Colorado Crash Investigation Team will now have to examine the details of the incident to determine if they have the cause of the accident.

David Michôd and director of White Noise, David O. Russell (left)

For Michôd, the film went from a mere ambition to make a quick thriller to a complex investigation of what exactly happened.

“I’ve never spent a lot of time thinking about how a crash could be so bizarre,” Michôd told The Wrap in a previous interview. “I knew how things went, but I never thought about what happened in an accident being so strange.

“We got the idea for this movie while I was at a conference in Canada, where I met people from all over the world who had been in

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