The Email Was Written By Anne Corden

The Email Was Written By Anne Corden

James Corden is out, Anne Hathaway is in. But the biggest hypocrite is us.

Corden had three more months on the job, and was set to leave when his contract expired in March. It was agreed he would stay until April, at which point the actor would be out the door. He would still be paid, as he had signed for another year and a half.

But an email dated 3/7, signed “Anne,” was emailed to the publicist by “J.C,” an actor in the UK, saying “please don’t let Mr Corden go.”

Apparently she was on vacation; we’re not sure why the guy in the UK thought that. But the email — which didn’t address how long Corden would stay — was forwarded by his agent, who read that the actor was being paid, and did indeed have a contract.

Apparently, the email was meant for Anne, because she answered, “Thank you” in it — before we realized she wasn’t the person who did the email. But the email itself was received by the actor.

The publicist forwarded the email to her and said, “We’re still waiting for an explanation so I know we have your email.”

A long explanation was eventually sent by the publicist, but Corden took it upon himself to be the one to apologize for his deception.

The actor’s representative says he didn’t know the email was about the actress at first, but he didn’t feel like he wanted to hide the fact that he was working for her.

“I was disappointed but I didn’t think I wanted to be the only one to point out she was not a part of my life anymore as we were in a business agreement that I was no longer in my contract when I resigned,” Corden wrote.

He says he’s working to rebuild his life, and he apologized for the embarrassment, adding, “I have moved on and she is out of

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