Luke Bryan criticizes Republican governor for not inviting him to Florida music festival

Luke Bryan criticizes Republican governor for not inviting him to Florida music festival

Liberal Twitter slams Luke Bryan for bringing Ron DeSantis on stage during Fla. concert

The social media group blamed the “haters” on Twitter, while praising the singer for inviting the Republican governor to the concert after his opponent, Andrew Gillum, was barred from performing at one of his events.

Social media groups were critical of Luke Bryan’s decision to invite Republican Governor Ron DeSantis to a concert in Florida.

Luke Bryan was criticized on Twitter following his Thursday night performance at the Florida Music Fest, which was not allowed to take place due to Gillum’s ban from the event after he won the state’s Democratic primary.

The Florida Music Fest, held at Hard Rock Live in downtown Jacksonville, was not allowed to take place after Gillum, a former Tallahassee mayor, won the Democratic primary for governor earlier in the week.

Gillum, a former Tallahassee mayor, had been scheduled to perform on Thursday, but was told no shows would take place on his behalf. “The governor’s race may be the most important to our state’s future and our nation,” said state Sen. Bill Montford, who made the decision to not allow the event.

“I’m not sure what that is,” Bryan said of the event’s cancellation. “But I want to be there. It seems like everybody wants me there.”

In response to criticism on social media, he said he was “truly sorry” and that he “would have loved to be there” as his former opponent looked to run a “dark and ugly campaign” that he said would “kill the dream of making our state great once again.”

Social media groups slammed the singer-turned-politician for inviting a Republican governor to a concert held in light of Gillum’s failure to win the Democratic nod on Tuesday.

Luke Bryan said in a statement that he was “truly sorry” for bringing someone else to an event that he said was crucial to his campaign on “a really cool night.”

“We will have more news soon on the governor’s race, and all I can do is offer my support to Andrew during this extremely important time, and I look forward to seeing who ultimately emerges victorious,”

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