The Democrats are losing in Augusta

The Democrats are losing in Augusta

Letters to the Editor: Kevin de León wants to serve his constituents. So why isn’t he resigning? I hope you’ll take his story when it comes out on Monday.

AUGUSTA — It’s pretty obvious the Democratic Party has no plans for winning a majority in the November elections. This failure must be blamed on several factors, including the failure to convince voters that a Democrat can be successful in Augusta.

I can’t see a successful Democrat in Augusta winning a Senate seat or gaining a majority in the House. The Democrats are losing in Augusta because I don’t believe they’re willing to run a candidate with a solid record of working for their constituents.

They want to be a party of the rich and famous. They want to be the party of the past. They want to keep their hands out of the people’s pockets. They want to continue to ignore the concerns of their constituents.

I find it strange when a local business leader and Democrat who should be in line with President Clinton, is supporting Hillary Clinton for president. It makes no sense to me that a top contributor and the executive director of the Democratic National Committee is supporting Secretary Clinton.

I have a lot of respect for Hillary Clinton. I know first hand her great work as first lady between 1993 and 2001. I don’t think she is a threat to any office in the future. I think she is a better person than any other candidate for president.

If Democrats want to be a party for the common people, they need to get in touch with their constituents. If we don’t get people in Augusta interested in electing the president who they believe is a good person and not just a good leader, we will continue to lose elections.

Here in Augusta, we need to support candidates who will work for our needs. We need to elect candidates who will advocate for our well-being.

I think Gov. Terry McAuliffe and other party leaders in Augusta have been working hard to ensure that a Democrat can’t be elected president of the United States.

I really believe Terry should be reelected on Nov. 8. I believe Terry should be reelected on Nov. 8 because he has done such a great job for Augusta. I also believe he should be reelected on Nov. 8 because he has made a difference in Augusta’s history and for better or for

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