The Eagles vs. Lions — Philly Eagles

The Eagles vs. Lions — Philly Eagles

Roleplay Off the Field Helps the Eagles on It

After seeing the first half of the game, I left the stadium in tears. My wife, two 1-year-old twins and I had arrived at the game to find the Eagles taking a 17-0 lead. It was so unexpected, that we had to get out of the stadium to catch our breath. But by the time I had walked to my car, the tears were gone.

The first half of the game was amazing if you are a Philly fan. The Eagles were up 17-0 but the defense shut them down.

The offensive line played their asses off. The linebackers and safeties were there supporting their quarterback and making the Eagles play. And the running game, even though the Eagles were having the best running back in the world, it didn’t matter.

I am not sure how this defense could have played so well. They made Eagles head coach Andy Reid’s job very difficult.

On the other side of the ball, I had no problem with the quarterback. Matt Barkley is a very good quarterback. He has a good arm and is very accurate. But he also has a big arm and is very shifty, making him difficult to tackle. His mobility is amazing. But he had a terrible day throwing interceptions. That’s something the Eagles defense has to address.

The offensive line played great also. I am not sure who played better. The Eagles did a great job putting in rookie running back Darren Sproles. He had 20 carries for 116 yards. He also had a touchdown catch.

Also, a big shout out to the Eagles’ kickers. They have made some amazing field goals throughout the season. All four of their kicks this year have been from inside the 1-yard line. The Eagles did a great job making them count.

The Eagles have a lot of talent and they are loaded with experience. They just have to get it together for an entire game. They were playing the Lions tough, and they could have easily lost this game but they played with heart and made the Eagles work hard.

The Eagles need to make sure there is no doubt that they will put up a fight when the teams meet for the divisional playoffs. I would like to see the Eagles win this division to make it to the Super Bowl.

I can’t really agree with your perspective. They are up by 17, but they are in turn down 13 by the end of the

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