The History of Fentanyl

The History of Fentanyl

Op-Ed: Fentanyl pill producers used to mimic other pharmaceuticals, now they don’t have to worry

In the last two months, I have been following very closely the increasing awareness of Fentanyl (the purest form of morphine), a drug that has been gaining popularity as a pain-killer, after being widely misused. Now, thanks to awareness and research, people are no longer willing to hand-over their right to a drug that some have been claiming contains the power to kill a person within a few minutes. But is this drug really that dangerous?

Most people aren’t familiar with the drug Fentanyl, most who do know are not aware of its pure nature. So, let’s take a quick ride through the history of this drug and how it came to be used as a painkiller.

In the early stages of its discovery, Fentanyl was used as a heroin substitute, but then people started to experience its use due to its ability to kill anyone who had even a small portion of the drug within their body. It was only when people started using Fentanyl illegally without the knowledge and approval of the pharmaceutical companies that were making it that it became known as an illegal drug.

The only way they were able to stop people from selling this drug was to make it illegal, and they did this by making it illegal to sell Fentanyl to anyone over 21. The only difference between Fentanyl and other painkillers is that you’re getting rid of the morphine, and the only reason why people started using it instead of their own painkillers was because it has the ability to kill someone within minutes. This is why it is also called a pure form of morphine.

A chemical called Oxycodone was created to get rid of the side effects of the Fentanyl. But Oxycodone is a very strong drug that also has an addiction potential, and was only added to the market because the Fentanyl created it had no ability to kill anyone once it worked its way into the body.

Once Oxycodone hit the market, Fentanyl was made illegal to sell. This is when people started to sell it to anyone, so that they could get a high that was more addictive than the Oxycodone. Fentanyl is a deadly drug, because if you ever had a tiny bit of it in

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